Ideas for Brides, Bridal Parties & Wedding Gifts

Ideas for Brides, Bridal Parties & Wedding Gifts

Everyone has seen photos of the bridal parties getting ready together wearing the Risky Business monogrammed men's dress shirts! They are a fun way to remember the special day and of course the pictures are adorable. Robes are another perennial favorite. But what other ways can you incorporate monograms into your special day or as gift for showers and weddings? We will tackle that in another post, meanwhile here are our top 5 favorite ideas for bridal parties.

  1. Monogrammed or personalized robes, PJ's, button-down dress shirts or towel wraps for the wedding party to wear while they get ready. Include the bride's new monogram and wedding date to make it really special.
  2. The Personalized Handkerchief - a special keepsake, this is a good place to incorporate the wedding colors. There are numerous lovely poems that we have stitched on to these linen handkerchiefs. 
  3. Cosmetic Bags - we can wrap these up with toiletries and fun items for bachelorette parties or as a gift for the members of the bridal party on the day of the wedding. A useful and beautiful gift, this is another good place to incorporate wedding colors or themes if you are giving it to bridal party members or a bride's new initials if you are giving it as a gift to a future bride.
  4. Bathing suits and panties - yes, you read that correctly! This is always a fun gift and we hear it is a favorite at showers! We can personalize swimwear for bachelorette parties or honeymoons!
  5. If you are going on a bachelorette beach trip then we recommend monogrammed beach towels. We can wrap them up with other items to make it a special arrival gift. You can personalize with a name, monogram or phrase - your imagination is the limit!



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