How to chose a monogram for towels & linens

How to chose a monogram for towels & linens

Adding a name or a monogram to towels and other linens serves a practical purpose as well as a decorative one. For purely decorative purposes we usually recommend a traditional 3-letter monogram or single initial. Some popular fonts are a fishtail font like Cotillion, an interlocking font like Pendant or one of my personal favorites for a modern look, Miami. You can also add a decorative frame to really make it unique - we have hundreds of them so let us help you pick something!

Beach towels also look nice personalized and make a nice gift. You can't go wrong with choosing either a name or monogram or in the case of our boating customers, a boat name!

Personalizing towels for family members helps keep them organized - you know I'm talking about my own boys here! If I see a wet towel laying around, I immediately know who the culprit is! But seriously, this is really nice for college kids because towels and linens have a way of wandering off or never making it back from the laundry room. If your name or monogram is on it, then its harder to 'misplace' and there is a greater chance it will make it through a few semesters if not an entire four years!

This is all true for pillowcases and sheets and other linens as well. We are a bespoke business so we can craft a monogram to your specifications and even color match your decor.

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